Daphne enjoys the thrill of helping buyers find their dream home to begin a fresh chapter in their lives. Working with buyers couldn’t be more personally rewarding! And let’s face it, buying a home is most likely the largest investment you make personally or as a family.

Every buyer needs a  buyer’s agent in their camp. A solid buyer’s agent eases your path to home ownership by knowing the housing inventory, negotiating on your behalf, recommending professionals as needed, taking care of the purchase process and paperwork and contracts, facilitating home inspections and other appointments, and following through beyond the closing. A buyer’s agent is loyal to their client, cares for their fiduciary concerns, does not disclose financial or personal information which might affect the negotiation process, and accounts for all funds and documents. Daphne is your point person and buyer’s agent extraordinaire. 


Daphne studies market trends and researches the latest news in the real estate field to educate consumers so they understand how local and national market conditions might affect their transaction.


Daphne works closely with a well-qualified and expert group of professionals in finance, real estate law, home renovation/repair, architecture, staging, landscaping, cleaning, etc. Having a team also ensures meeting dates and deadlines so home ownership becomes a reality quickly and without frustrating time lags.


Close communication with clients keeps everyone apprised at every step of the way throughout the home buying process.


Daphne scouts and researches the local market to stay current regarding recent sales and active listings to help her buyers narrow the potential list of homes and keep the home hunting experience upbeat and positive.


Daphne negotiates competitively as well as creatively finds solutions if hiccups occur in the home buying process. Respect for your needs and wants is a valuable asset of a buyer’s agent


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